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The Knowledge Gates to SecondLife
Knowledge Foundry, Cambridge, MA
The Knowledge Gates to SecondLife provide
a great way to begin exploring virtual worlds!
The primary goal of this project is to create
a powerful virtual knowledge environment by
constructing carefully conceived and executed
virtual spaces with objects that integrate and
expedite access to other knowledge sources
within the virtual world and on the web.
You can easily find K-Gates once in SecondLife.
Just search "Places" for "K-Gates" and teleport.
The image to the right is a map showing the
locations of the first two K-Gates sites.

  K-Gates, Two Main Locations
Knowledge Park is the main access point for
a series of strategically located virtual places
that employ a theme park metaphor and contain
many fun objects framed within thematically
organized spaces with special "Magic Gates"
that give landmarks to over 200 of the best
wonders and adventures in SecondLife.

Knowledge Park, Derwent (9, 152, 34)
Knowledge Port provides structured access
to a many useful resources for building things.
It also provides acess to a wide range of options
for fun forms of transportation within SecondLife.

Knowledge Port, MaryPort (214, 228, 21)
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